Monday, May 21, 2012

Upcoming OLA STYLE Events

Saturday June 9th @ 2p.m.
Macy's South County Mall
10 South County Center Way
St. Louis, MO 63129

Sunday June 10th @ 7p.m.
Orlando "Pretty Boy" Watson's
Party & Cancer Benefit
St. Louis Science Center Planetarium

Sunday June 24th @7p.m.
Multiple Charity Benefit Fashion Show
Copia Wine Garden

Wednesday June 27th @7p.m.
Jewelinaire Fashion Show
Copia Wine Garden

Thursday, May 17, 2012



Open casting call for OLA STYLE
Saturday May 19th
male & female, ages 4 & up

Macy's South County Mall
10 South County Center Way
St. Louis, MO 63129

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pronto Fashion Show

While the St. Louis weather was stormy, Ola Style models were shining bright at the Pronto Fashion Show April 28 at JoeBUCK's Downtown.  This event, first introduced in 2005 in Saint Louis to the local and international community, supports the endeavors of up-coming fashion designers and entrepreneurs. The annual event offers a social and business opportunity for designers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to network with one another.

Kansas City Fashion Week

Ola Style models enhanced the 2012 Kansas City Fashion Week Red Carpet Gala Fashion Show Friday, February 24. The show took place in the Vegas Ballroom at Harrah's North Kansas City at 7 o'clock.

Ola advises a model as the designer's youngest follower observes.
The Ola Style ladies assemble for a backstage photo with Ola.

Plenty of fabulous new Ola Style creations graced the runway:

Following the show, Ola posed with adoring fans:

Ola interviews Ben Singleton to solicit his reaction to the Red Carpet Gala

Influential Woman of St. Louis

While Ola Hawatmeh is working on her designs, makeovers, styling and teaching, she is also busy being an on-the-go mom. Although juggling the duties of work and motherhood can be a challenge, it is with the influence and inspiration of other working moms that she has found the time and motivation to start not one, but three businesses. This entrepreneurial fashion maven attributes her success to her parents, who taught her the values and morals that make her the person she is today: be strong, courageous and never give up.

In November 2007, Hawatmeh created Mom Me Makeover, a company that provides inside-out makeovers for mothers to help them feel more confident about themselves. Riding on the success she found with this venture, she started the nonprofit Makeover for a Cause, which allows cancer victims, homeless, battered and sheltered women to benefit from the pampering makeovers as well.

To make each and every person she works with feel special, and to ensure the makeover experience is one to remember, Hawatmeh makes sure to put time aside for a consultation with each client. Her degree in communications and minor in psychology from Marist College in New York has helped her understand the women she works with, especially Makeover for a Cause clients, and allows her to counsel them as they embark on journeys to better themselves. “Running a makeover company is thrilling, because I get to do something that I enjoy very much while helping change people’s lives,” she says.

With two successful businesses running in high gear, in December 2008 Hawatmeh decided to take her love for fashion to the next level and she became a fashion designer. By 2009, she was launching her first clothing line, M3. Now, she runs Ola Style, regularly producing fashion shows and new lines. “Every other month I go to New York to meet with my producer, launch my line and hold shows,” she says.

When she is not busy designing and running her business ventures, Ola volunteers with various St. Louis charity events, helps with Friends of Kids with Cancer and gives once-a-month seminars through the St. Patrick Center education program. She addresses issues like going back to school, practicing job interview skills and tips on dressing to impress.

To continue to be a loving mother, wife and successful business owner, Hawatmeh is always careful to keep her priorities lined up, with family always in the number one spot. Although each day differs depending on what is inked into her schedule, she emphasizes that none of it would be possible without the love and support of her family—who give her the drive and happiness to create beautiful things. “To me, the definition of success is to look in to my children’s eyes and see contentment in their hearts, smiles on their faces, and know they are happy, healthy and good Catholics,” she says.

The end of the day finds Ola preparing for the next morning by making lunches for her children, finishing laundry and getting school uniforms ready. After dinner, she talks over Skype with international contacts and manufacturing companies, answers emails and works on designs before bed. Life for Ola Hawatmeh may not always come as easy as the candy-colored lipstick in your purse, but it is this daily lifestyle that keeps her always pushing for the next best thing.